Pegamento Industrial

RUB2020 un poderoso pegamento para caucho disponible en los siguientes formatos
1 Kg
6 Kgs
200 Kgs

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Product Description: RUB-2020 is a UPVC tape with a solvent based natural rubber adhesive.
Applications for this product include color coding, splicing, carton/can sealing & bundling. This product is printable and heat shrinkable.
Physical Characteristics Nominal Values
Total Tape Thickness 2.40 mils
Backing Thickness 1.50 mils
Adhesive Thickness .90 mils
Tensile Strength 25 lbs/in
Elongation 60 %
180 degree Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel 18 oz/in
Tape Color Yellow, DarkBlue, Light Blue, White, Black, Red,
Orange, Light Green & Dark Green (Adhesive is
Temperature Resistance (short term, sec/min)
(long term, days/weeks) 32F to 158F
Standard Length 72 yards
Tape Application: To achieve ultimate bond strength please be sure materials being bonded are clean and
free of dust, dirt, oil or othersubstances which can affect the bond of the tape adhesive. Firm application
pressure will promote a strong, long lasting bond. Adhesive bond strength is dependent upon the material
type being bonded. If a variety of materials are being used, please be sure to test the suitability of product
performance with each material. Please contact CustomAdhesive Products at the phone number below with
questions regarding your taping applications and needs.
Notice: Physical and performance values listed above are average values obtained from tests performed according to PSTC or ASTM
standard test methods. The information listed above does not represent a performance guarantee. Product performance may vary with each individual application and the purchaser should test the product prior to use and satisfy themselves regarding product functionality in their application.